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Our Approach: Dynamic Asset Allocation

You want your portfolio to last your whole life. We know that protecting what you've built is as important to you as growth--and for good reason. If you are within 5-10 years of retirement, or already retired, you can't afford another 2008. Markets go through good times and bad, and you know as well as anyone that another downturn will eventually come. 

The biggest risk you face is a major market decline.

The biggest risk to your retirement plan is experiencing a major market decline just before retirement or in the first few years of retirement. Losses during these years have a major impact on your retirement outlook. On top of that, taking withdrawals during a major decline can have a major negative impact on your portfolio and the sustainability of your income. 

How do you protect your portfolio from a major market decline?

You face a dilemma that we are very familiar with: you want to achieve as much growth as possible, but you also want to protect yourself from a major market decline. While many other financial firms adopt a "buy-and-hold' approach that relies on just "waiting it out," we know that you want something more. 

We call our approach Dynamic Asset AllocationDynamic means "change." Rather than a static portfolio, we believe a dynamic and active approach to portfolio management can do better. We use quantitative and technical analysis to adjust our clients' allocation to market conditions. During bull markets or periods where probabilities of positive market performance is high, we will increase our clients' exposure to stocks to capture as much upside growth as possible. During bear markets or in circumstances where the probability of negative market performance is high, we will move into more defensive positions.

Our approach is:

Research-based: Our investment strategies are built on thorough historical testing. Our strategies have historically shown the ability to perform well in both bull and bear markets and can outperform a "buy-and-hold" approach over a full market cycle.

Rules-driven: Our investment process is based on specific rules that we derive from data. We do not manage portfolios based on our opinion on where markets may be headed but on empirical data and probabilities.This removes the human emotional component from the investment process, which is often where investors go wrong.

Responsive: Our investment strategies are designed to adapt to market conditions--to be more fully invested during bull markets and to be defensive and protective during bear markets. Our strategies are designed with bear markets in mind--with proactive measures designed to protect investors from major draw-downs.


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