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Filing for your social security benefit forfeits your auxiliary benefits

The moment you file for your retirement benefit you will forfeit forever the ability to file for any other benefit just by itself—with the exception of widow(er) benefits for spouses who were widowed before taking their retirement benefit. What are these “other” benefits?
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Warning: Diversification May Not Reduce Risk

Have you heard the word diversification before? If you've ever met with an advisor or paid attention to the stock market, you've probably heard of the importance of diversification, i.e. spreading your money across a number of assets. You've probably heard that by doing so, you'll reduce the risk level of your overall portfolio.This is a half-truth. Here's why.
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Stock Market Scoop: Bull Market Regains Steam

In our Stock Market Scoop, we'll analyze how the stock market has performed and give you our insight on where the trends may be headed. Let's start with the big picture. In the big picture, the bull-bear indicator suggests that US equities are still in a cyclical bull market. In the graph below, you'll see that the bull-bear indicator is well above the bear market threshold. The value of this indicator is 69.90 as of June 1, which is up from last month.
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Myth: You Can't Avoid a Bear Market

In our Monthly Market Myths and Mistakes, we’ll de-mystify the stock market for you by highlighting a common myth that investors believe or mistake that investors make and hopefully help you become a better investor. News outlets and websites devoted to stock market news are rife with examples.Here’s one I came across recently on Market Watch—an article entitled, “Why trying to avoid a bear market can be a costly mistake for stock investors.” The author claims that...
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How to forecast expenses in retirement

I've talked to a lot of retirees and people close to retirement. And I've run into some very smart people! Many retirees I talk to have done their own financial forecasting and modeling, trying to estimate what their expenses will be 5, 10, 15 years from now and if their portfolio will be able to sustain the spending.So exactly do you forecast your expenses in retirement? This is tricky. Even the most avid budgeter is going to be off because there are a lot of...
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What to do if stocks have peaked!

As reported by CNN Money, 58% of global money managers surveyed by Bank of America Merrill Lynch believe that either the stock market has already peaked or that it will peak this year. Given the rough start to the year, it’s not hard to see why they are feeling this way. So what happens next? A prolonged downturn?It’s possible. Cracks are starting to form in the global economy. The U.S. economy is slowing. GDP is being revised...
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Planning Faux Pas: You Only Get One Social Security Benefit

In our monthly planning faux pas, we’ll highlight potentially devastating mistakes or misconceptions that retirees will want to be aware of in regards to social security and other aspects of financial planning. Here’s one: Social Security won’t pay you two benefits at the same time. If you are entitled to more than one benefit, you’ll receive the larger of the two (or something close to it). For example, married couples are entitled to collect on their spouse’s...
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