1. Don’t Assume You Know Everything. Social Security is very complex and has many different benefits and provisions that you may not know even exist. Don’t assume you know everything there is to know about social security. Find an expert to help you.

2. Ask and You Shall Receive – The social security administration isn’t omniscient. That is, they don’t know everything. They don’t know to whom you are married, who you’ve divorced, who you will divorce, whether your spouse or ex-spouse(s) died, whether you have young or disabled children, whether you are taking care of dependent parents, etc. In order to collect benefits for yourself that you may be entitled to, you have to ask! Changes in marital status can dramatically affect your benefits, but you must tell the agency!

3. Patience Pays Off – I can’t say this enough! Most filers still file for benefits at the earliest age possible. But social security provides an incredible incentive to wait. Your retirement benefit could be as much as 76% higher, after inflation, by waiting until 70 to collect. Don’t worry that you won’t get enough “bang for your buck” if you wait. The bigger problem is living too long and running out of money.

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