Independent Financial Advisors for Attorneys, Real Estate Professionals, and Retirees

Wurz Financial Services Financial Advisors for Attorneys, Real Estate Professionals and RetireesYou have a lot of ideas about the future--you've earned it! You may want to spend more time with your family, start a new venture, travel, or just play golf every day... without having to worry that you won't have enough.

But this is going through your head:

  • Am I on track for retirement?
  • When is the right time for me to step away from work?
  • Will my portfolio provide enough income over my lifetime?
  • Will my spouse and family be okay if something happens to me?

These are difficult questions and you know you can't answer them alone. We help people like you. 

You have worked with other advisors in the past, but have you worked with a planner? We're planners--not the kind who will just plug your numbers into a formulat and send you on your way. We have a close, personal relationship with our clients. We'll work intimately with you to figure out what kind of income you need and how to generate that income from your investments, social security benefits, pension benefits and other assets in a sustainable way that feels good to you.

You want to protect what you've saved and see it grow too. We're dedicated to making that happen.

Wurz Financial Services Financial Advisors for Attorneys, Real Estate Professionals and Retirees

We specialize in serving the needs of attorneys, real estate professionals, and retirees. We have locations in Covington, Kentucky, and Holland, Ohio. We also work remotely with clients across the country. Click below to learn more about us and how we work with our clients. 






Social Security 101

Strategies to Maximize Your Lifetime Benefits

How and when you claim your Social Security benefits are some of the most important retirement decisions you will make, because how you claim will have a domino effect on income, taxes, and even Medicare premiums. It's complicated and overwhelming because there are so many different claiming options, and one wrong step could cost you thousands. We will discuss the basics of filing for Social Security and strategies that may maximize benefits for you and your family in retirement. Sign up for the next session now!


Social Security 101

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Social Security 101

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