Investment Management: A Tactical and Proactive Approach

You want your portfolio to last your whole life. We know that protecting what you've built is as important to you as growth--and for good reason. If you are within 5-10 years of retirement, or already retired, you can't afford another 2008. Markets go through good times and bad, and you know as well as anyone that another downturn will eventually come. 


The biggest risk you face is a major market decline.

The biggest risk to your retirement plan is experiencing a major market decline like 2008 just before retirement or in the first few years of retirement. Losses during these years have a major impact on your retirement outlook. On top of that, taking withdrawals during a major decline can have a major negative impact on your portfolio and the sustainability of your income. At Wurz Financial, we understand this. And that's why protecting you from risk is number 1. 


How do you protect your portfolio from a major market decline?

We know the dilemma you face: you want your portfolio to grow as much as possible, but you also want to protect yourself from a major market decline. While many other financial firms adopt a "buy-and-hold' approach that relies on just "waiting it out," we know that you want something more. 

We offer a more sophisticated approach. We employ Tactical Investment StrategiesRather than a static, buy-and-hold approach used by most other firms, a tactical approach is designed to be flexible and adapt to market conditions.

Through the use quantitative and technical analysis, we will determine the best place to invest and adjust your portfolio allocation accordingly. During bull markets, we may increase your exposure to stocks to capture additional growth. During bear markets or when risk is high, we may move your portfolio into more defensive positions to attempt to protect you from downside risk.

Our number one priority is risk management. And risk management is especially crucial as you near retirement. Tactical strategies offer an additional layer of risk management that other firms may not have. Through our tactical strategies, our goal is for you to profit in both good times and bad. 


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How We Manage Financial Portfolios

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How We Manage Financial Portfolios

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We would be happy to show you our approach in detail, or review your current allocation and provide some feedback. 


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