Tactical Investment Management: Dynamic Asset Allocation

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You want your portfolio to grow as much as possible. We want that too. But we know that you also want to protect your portfolio from major stock market declines. This is especially critical if you are near retirement. A major bear market in the years leading up to retirement or just after retirement can have a major negative impact on your future. 

How Most Advisors Manage Investments

Most advisors use a "static" asset allocation strategy--they allocated your portfolio to specific weights of various asset classes and rarely make changes. You might have heard this called a diversified or "buy-and-hold" approach. We believe there's a better way. 

How Wurz Manages Investments

At Wurz Financial Services, we employ dynamic investment strategies that are designed to profit in both good times and bad. What are dynamic investment strategies? Unlike a static asset allocation, dynamic asset allocation is highly flexible and can quickly respond to market changes and market risks. 

Advantages of Dynamic Asset Allocation

Dynamic strategies involve frequent changes in asset allocation to adapt to market conditions, take advantage of market trends and avoid market declines. These frequent changes are systematic and quantitative--meaning these decisions are made at specific times and based on specific numerical rules. This approach can possibly provide higher returns on an investment portfolio by preventing losses from unexpected market downturns and capturing the momentum of rising markets. All of our strategies are based on academic research and have been thoroughly back-tested. 

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How We Manage Financial Portfolios (Webinar):

How We Manage Financial Portfolios

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How We Manage Financial Portfolios

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