Financial Advisors For Attorneys and Law Firm Owners

You're a successful attorney. You've been focused on helping your clients make smart decisions. Now you are facing financial decisions of your own. 

We have the expertise to help you. 


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We help successful attorneys reduce taxes, build wealth and plan for succession and retirement. 

It takes courage to become a successful lawyer. You invested the time, capital and energy. You endured the late nights and tough cases. You fought tirelessly for your clients. And you've been faithfully contributing to your 401k. But you may not have had much time to think about your finances or life after the law. 

Until now. 

Law firms and laywers represent a large percentage of our satisfied clients. That's because representing you and your interests is a job we take very seriously. We specialize in financial planning for attorneys. We understand your unique financial challenges, from complicated taxes to irregular cash flow. We have the education and expertise to guide you through those challenges so you and your family can live comfortably now and after you retire.


How we help attorneys:

Saving You Time

You're a busy professional and your time is valuable. We will be your trusted partner to handle the complexities of managing your wealth. We provide discretionary portfolio management, which means we can manage your investments for you so you can worry less, and free up time to focus on other things. And we do everything we can to make working with us seamless and easy--working virtually, accommodating your schedule and promptly returning your calls and emails. 

Clarifying and Simplifying Your Complex Finances

Many of our clients come to us with complicated finances--accounts in various places, complex retirement plans, and tricky tax situations. We help you clarify and plan your cash flow so you can be better prepared for the ups and downs in your cash flow. We help you clarify your goals and create a clear and organized plan for your future. And we give you access to our financial planning software, MoneyGuide Pro, where you can easily track your progress and see everything at a glance.  

Reducing Your Taxes

Successful attorneys, especially personal injury lawyers, pay a lot in taxes. We help you identify strategies to reduce taxes. We help personal injury attorneys set up market-based structured fee arrangements to reduce the tax impact of a large settlement fee. We help you make sure you are making the best use of your retirement plan options and other tax advantaged investment vehicles. If you are a solo attorney or small firm, we can help you set up the right retirement plan for you. And we will make sure your portfolio is as tax-efficient as possible. 

Making Smart Investment Decisions

Our attorney clients want more than an asset allocation and a statement each month. We provide disciplined, research-based investment strategies and we will design an overall strategy that fits you. We help you coordinate and implement this strategy across all your various accounts. We also help you make sure your 401k and other retirement plans are allocated properly. And we can help you manage your short term cash reserves and tax reserves to alleviate your stress around irregular cash flow. 

Planning for Retirement and Succession

Would you like to stop running by the hour and spend more time with family and other things you enjoy one day? Retirement planning is our forte. We will help you make sure you are on track to the future you want. We will guide you in creating a succession or exit plan and determine if you can fund your retirement with the sale of your practice. Also, we will help you with all the complex financial decisions you need to make involving social security, pension benefits, and your 401k to name a few, so that you can make the most of your future. 

What Makes us Different

Whether you're just starting your law practice or ready to wind down, you demand the same level of savvy advice that your clients demand from you. You want someone who's on your side. And that is what you will get at Wurz Financial Services. We are not part of some big bank that has one eye on your portfolio and the other eye on theirs. We are independent financial advisors and fiduciaries--that means we are free to help you make the winning moves that work for you. 

You know the law. We know finance. Let us help you make the smart financial decisions that will allow you to make the most of your future.

Give us a call at 859-291-9879 and set up a free, no obligation consultation. We'd love to talk to you. 


Free 30-Minute Social Security / Pension Planning Session

Are you facing imminent social security or pension decisions and need to know if you are making the best decision?

We would like to offer you a free, no obligation planning session to help you decide what is best for you. On the call, we will run an analysis of your different options and provide you with detailed information about the long term impact of your various options so you can make the best choice. Take advantage of this offer now by calling us at 859-291-9879.

You can also schedule your Free 30-minute Planning Session below: