Tactical Investment Management

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Ready For A Better Approach to Investing?

You have probably worked with other financial advisors before. Most of our clients have too. If so, you know the drill--they ask you a series of risk tolerance questions and plop your money in one of their asset allocation models and you never hear from them again. Most firms have the same tired approach to managing investments: diversify and hold on. But is that really portfolio management?

Or worse, perhaps you've worked with stock pickers or fund pickers. Or maybe you have met with other advisors who just try to "sell" you on a costly insurance or annuity product.

You've seen it all before. And you're ready for something better.

We're Different

At Wurz Financial Services, we are committed to putting your best interests first. That's because we are fiduciaries. We believe in transparency and fairness. Unlike other firms, we do not earn a commission for selling you products. We provide true investment management using low-cost indexed funds and ETFs. Our only compensation is our asset management fee which comes directly from you, the client--not a third party.

Our fee structure:

$0-100,000 0.36% per quarter
$100,000 - $500,000 0.31% per quarter
$500,000 - $1,000,000 0.26% per quarter
Over $1,000,000 0.20% per quarter


And unlike other firms, we will not just babysit your money. We actively manage our clients' portfolios using tactical, research-based strategies designed to harness the growth of bull markets and defend against market downturns.


How We Manage Financial Portfolios (Webinar):

How We Manage Financial Portfolios

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How We Manage Financial Portfolios

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Your Free Portfolio Review

Is your portfolio allocated appropriately for you? Does it have the right balance? Is the risk level right? Is it optimized? We would like to invite you to a free, no-obligation portfolio review. During this review, we will analyze your current asset allocation and investment stratey, and offer specific feedback. Call us now at 859-291-9879.