Tactical Investment Strategies Design to Grow and Protect Your Money

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Ready For A Better Approach to Investing?

You have probably worked with other financial advisors before. Most of our clients have too. If so, you know the drill--they ask you a series of risk tolerance questions and plop your money in one of their asset allocation models and you never hear from them again. Most firms have the same tired approach to managing investments: diversify and hold on. But is that really portfolio management?

Or worse, perhaps you've worked with stock pickers or fund pickers. They use fundamental and technical analysis or "proprietary research" to try to pick the best stocks or funds. The only problem is, as you probably know, academic research shows that neither stock-picking nor actively managed mutual funds outperform the market consistently. You would be better off just buying an index fund.

Or maybe you have met with other advisors who try to "sell" you on a costly insurance or annuity product that claims to offer protection against downturns in the market. What they did not tell you is how much commission they are going to rake in once you sign on the dotted line.

You've seen it all before. And you're ready for something better.

We're Different

At Wurz Financial Services, we are committed to putting your best interests first. That's because we are fiduciaries. And as fiduciaries, we believe in transparency and fairness. Unlike other firms, we do not sell high cost insurance and annuity products. We provide transparent, fee-only investment management using one of the world's most respected trading platforms--TD Ameritrade. Through TD Ameritrade, we are proud to be able to offer our clients commission-free trading on ETFs and stocks. And since we know that actively managed mutual funds don't cut the mustard, we use only indexed mutual funds and ETFs in our strategies. This also helps minimize expenses.

And unlike other firms, we do not babysit funds. We actively manage our clients' portfolios using a variety of dynamic strategies designed to adapt to market conditions to reduce risk and accelerate growth. Our strategies are based on quantitative rules grounded in academic research. This removes behavioral biases that result in suboptimal investment decisions.

How We Design A Portfolio for You

You know what it's like to take risks. You built your law practice or business by taking calculated risks. We take a calculated approach to managing investment risk as well. The first step we take in designing a portfolio strategy for you is to determine how much risk you are comfortable with and capable of. 

While investment professionals use many technical ways to define risk, we define it in simple terms the way most people understand it: loss. Another term for this is "draw-down." Every investment periodically experiences draw-down--measured by the amount an investment declines from peak to trough before recovering. Our first step is to determine how much draw-down you are comfortable with and capable of enduring. Then we build a strategy designed to maximize returns without exceeding your risk tolerance.

Investment Management for Attorneys

We realize that your financial life is complex. You may have many accounts in different places with different time horizons and risk capacity. We can help you design an overall strategy for your entire portfolio, across all your accounts to simplify the complexity of your finaces. And we can execute that strategy for you. Also, because of your uneven cash flow, you may need to have higher short term reserves than most. We can help you manage these short term reserves with a conservative investment strategy or income producing strategy.  

Finally, we know that many lawyers may be subject to potential conflicts of interest between your work and your stock holdings. We are familiar with that and we can help you avoid those conflicts of interest. 


How We Manage Financial Portfolios (Webinar):

How We Manage Financial Portfolios

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How We Manage Financial Portfolios

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