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My Top 3 Financial Game Changers

When I meet with clients, we’re usually trying to answer a simple question: can I stop working and not worry about running out of money? The journey to finding that answer is often anything but simple. To find this answer, I examine every aspect of a client’s financial life, from credit and debt to investments and savings. In my discussions with clients, I find that there are a few tools I end up recommending over and over again. Get ready… because these three simple things could change your future. Here are my top three:

1. I’ve been using for years and years and years. This free budgeting tool is absolutely phenomenal. Forget writing down your spending and creating pie charts—Mint will automatically aggregate your data from your different accounts and categorize all your transactions for you. Why is this so powerful? You can see where you are wasting money. It’s hard to think of the consequences of our daily spending. But when you add it up and look at the long term effects, it can be life changing. Mint also has cool tools to help with saving for particular goals and can alert you when you’ve overspent your budget in a particular category.

2. Nerd Wallet: We all get about 100 credit card offers a week in the mail. Throw them all away. The companies that have sent these to you don’t know anything about what you want or need. Nerd Wallet is awesome because it allows you to compare all kinds of different credit cards that are out there. Looking for an interest free card? Looking for a card that rewards you? Nerd Wallet can help you find it. How much money are you wasting on interest charges or missing out on by not getting rewards? Get what’s yours. Check it out at

3. Marcus: Savings accounts today pay almost nothing. Still. But most financial planners (including me) will recommend that you have at least 3 months of expenses in liquid cash for emergencies. And more if possible. But this is tough because putting a chunk of change in a bank account means you’re not earning very much on it. Even money market accounts pay very little. And CD’s might pay more but they defeat the purpose of liquidity. Marcus is an online banking service from Goldman Sachs that pays an incredible interest rate—1.85% last time I checked. That’s pretty incredible in today’s low interest rate environment. Check it out at

Well there you have it folks—a few tools that can change your life. You’re welcome. As a financial guru, I’ve got plenty of these ideas. Want some more ideas? Call us today and let’s take a look at your numbers.888-510-2362

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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck